Zimra Officer In Hospital After Scorpion Attack

Zimra sources told Radio Vop that Mduduzi Tshakalisa was attacked by the venomous creature while serving a motorist and was quickly rushed to hospital where he immediately placed in the intensive care unit.
Scorpion stings, although painful — are mostly harmless. As many as 1,500 species of scorpions have been identified worldwide, but only about 30 of these are considered dangerous. Sometimes scorpion stings can be deadly and if the victim does not get treatment he/she can die.
Tollgate operators have since threatened to boycott work in solidarity with their collegue who spent the Christmass day in pain in the hospital. The government has been blamed for hurriedly installing tollgates without putting up adequate structures.

Tollgate officials have been exposed to heat and heavy rains due to inadequate facilities.
“He is lucky to be alive, we have been asking authorities to shelter us but no one seems to listen now we even fear that we could be struck by lightning, ”said an official who asked not to be identified.
Despite the fact that Beitbridge tollgate collects the highest revenue in the country, government has been slow in providing adequate facilities for its staff. There have been calls for Zimbabwe to adopt the South African tollgate system but experts here fear the roads could be too narrow.