ZimRights Acquitted Over ‘Reflections’ Exhibition

The trial failed to commence last August and was postponed indefinitely because the State was not ready to proceed with the trial as its witnesses failed to turn up at court. However, prosecutors last week advised ZimRights and Hita’s lawyer, Blessing Nyamaropa of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, of the their readiness to commence trial.

Magistrate Mwanyisa upheld an application for exception to the charges filed on Monday by the ZimRights lawyer Blessing Nyamaropa of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR).

The photo exhibition, titled “Reflections”, showcased pictures depicting how Zimbabweans, particularly those viewed as Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s supporters, were brutalized in 2008.

In his application Nyamaropa argued that the section under which ZimRights and Hita were being charged did not disclose an offence as it was repealed in 2007.

The State conceded to Nyamaropa’s application and Hita and ZimRights, which was represented by the organisation’s national deputy chairperson Pelagia Razemba Semakweli and who had entered a not guilty plea when their trial commenced were duly acquitted by Magistrate Mwanyisa.

ZimRights and Hita were charged under the harsh Public Order and Security Act.