Zim's Constitutional Process A Gravy Train – Makoni

He said he would rather Zimbabweans adopt the 1999 draft constitution, rejected by the people at a 2000 referendum.

“MKD endorses the 1999 draft document as the basis for writing the new constitution. The document is good and only need a team of experts to panel beat it on a few areas, which led to its rejection at the referendum.” said Makoni.

Makoni argued that by adopting the draft the country would have saved resources such as money and channel it to other pressing areas such as health, education and industry.

Makoni who was addressing journalists at the Bulawayo Press Club on Friday evening,  said the Constitution Parliamentary Select Committee (Copac) was only interested in enriching its members.

“Copac is a gravy train.Look at how the parliamentarians are fighting over allowances. This afternoon I also heard clerk of Parliament, Austin Zvoma announcing over the radio saying that they will be hiring MP vehicles for the outreach programme. Its all have to do with money,” said Makoni.

“We want leaders who obey and respect their constitutions. There is no point in investing scarce resources in writing a new constitution when at the end of the day that document will not be followed .In Zimbabwe things have never been the same from the day President Robert Mugabe decided to throw out the constitution and replace it with politics,” he said.

Makoni also revealed that his party was also in favour of proportional representation and one single legislative chamber.