Zim's Crude Death Rate Declines To 15/1000

The figure stood at 19 per 1 000 when the last survey was carried out in 2008.

The country’s maternal mortality rate, on the other hand, stands at 790 per 100 0000 down from 800 per 100 000 during the same period.

Life expectancy stands at 51, 4 according to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

“Rates for chronic and acute child malnutrition still stand at 34 percent and 2, 4 percent respectively,” UNICEF said in a Report.

“A third of rural Zimbabweans still drink from unprotected water sources and are thus exposed to water-borne diseases. While cholera incidences significantly decreased compared to past years however, local outbreaks continued in 2011 due to poor infrastructure for water, sanitation, hygiene and health.”

The UNICEF Report said the low coverage of basic health care had led to unpredictable maternal and child mortality and overall excess morbidity and mortality.

Zimbabwe’s HIV/Aids prevalence rate currently stands at 13, 7 percent and substantially increases vulnerabilities, the UNICEF Report pointed out.

The rate stands at the third highest in the region after neighbours South Africa and Botswana.

“There is very high HIV prevalence and high case of fatality rate for cholera,” UNICEF said.

“There is also lack of health workers and funding gaps in Zimbabwe,” UNICEF added.