Zim's Unity Govt Not Based On Mugabe's Generosity

Speaking to journalists after his meeting with World Food Programme officials on Tuesday, Tsvangirai said the unity government’s tenure was determined by the observance of a process defined in the Global Political Agreement (GPA).

Mugabe has said there must be fresh elections in Zimbabwe because the unity government cannot be extended.

But Tsvangirai said: “The inclusive government’s tenure is not determined by an individual. It is not dependent on Mugabe’s generosity.”

He added: “Its tenure is dependent on us completing the constitutional process, the holding of the referendum and the creating of conditions for a free and fair election. Therefore it is not based on Mugabe’s generosity but on negotiations.”

He said the government was continuing with the discharge of governance duties although there was tension.

“The government is working but you can see that there is tension,” said Tsvangirai.

Tsvangirai said the World Food Programme (WFP) regional director, Mustapha Darboe, had assured him that the UN organisation will continue to be a critical partner in the fight against hunger.

“The WFP has been in this country at the most crucial time in the last two years. They have been instrumental in contributing to the human challenges in the food sector,” said Tsvangirai.

WFP’s Darboe said the UN organisation had a “very flexible anti-hunger solutions that are being put at the disposal of the vulnerable people of Zimbabwe”.

Responding to questions on the polticisation of food aid in Zimbabwe, Darboe said: “WFP has a very impartial and neutral apolitical policy that ensured fairness in food distribution.