Zim's Vice President Booed By Zanu (PF) Supporters

The party’s fifth senior official, Didymus Mutasa also failed to bring the supporters to order, exposing the internal rot in the former ruling party. Mutasa is the party’s secretary for administration and Minister of State in the President’s Office.

Nkomo, who is one of the three co-chairpersons of the organ of national healing, had announced that each of the three parties would be represented by 60 people. Zanu PF members however rejected this arrangement, and instead proposed that the number of Zanu (PF) supporters should be the same as the combined number of representatives of the two MDC formations.

The Vice President had a tough time trying to convince the Zanu (PF) supporters that the arrangement is what had been agreed by the three governing parties. But the Zanu (PF) supporters would have none of that, saying that would make the two MDC formations outnumber them when it comes to voting. Supporters of the two MDC formations watched helplessly as Zanu (PF) supporters suddenly broke into songs usually associated with violence.

“If I cannot get any respect from you (Zanu (PF) supporters), then I can only say I am disappointed… there is no discipline,” said Nkomo. “We will have therefore to re-arrange our approach to the whole thing. We are on a mission given to us by the three principals of our parties.”

“Regrettably we cannot proceed because we cannot accede to any other arrangement except the arrangements we had made ourselves. We have aborted our meeting for today; we will now sit down and plan our next step.”

Nkomo told guests who had been invited to make presentations that those are “the hazards of our job”.

“I am sorry to our invited guests, but our industry also comes with hazards like in all other sectors,” said Nkomo.

After the aborted meeting, there were fears that there would be an outbreak of violence, but leaders of the three parties managed to control their supporters.

Among senior officials who attended the meeting were the two co-Ministers of National Healing, Reconciliation and Integration, Gibson Sibanda and Sekai Holland, Finance Minister and MDC-T secretary general Tendai Biti, Harare Metropolitan Governor and Zanu (PF) Finance Secretary David Karimanzira.