Zimuto heads defy headman,citing illegitimacy

By Brighton Chiseva

ZIMUTO РVillage heads under Headman Nemarundwi in Chief Zimuto’s area are defying the new headman Smart Chidavarume claiming he is illegitimate.

Chidavarume was installed last year and the installation ceremony was reported to have taken place under military guard for fear of disturbances from those who were opposed to his ascendency.

Masvingo District Administrator (DA) Ray Hove confirmed the wrangle and said he expected the issue to be handled by the chief.

“The village heads have taken the former headman’s side and are not listening to the new headman but these are simple matters that can be resolved by Chief Zimuto. He is the right person to handle such a dispute as all of them are his subjects. He convened a meeting and my office was invited but we had fuel challenges so it had to be postponed,” said Hove.

Sources said that whenever Chidavarume summons the village heads, they do not go but if they are summoned by the former headman, they would quickly go.

“There is a problem in the area because most people do not listen to the new headman but they respect his predecessor who held the position on an acting basis after the death of his father. If the current headman summons them they do not go, but if the former headman does that, they quickly go,” said the source.

There are two families to the Nemarundwi headmanship namely Nhunzvi and Nduru. The headmanship is supposed to rotate between the two families but it is claimed the tradition was not followed when Chidavarume was appointed.

Critics of Chidavarume say the headmanship was supposed to go to the Nduru house with the eldest member in the family taking over.

Last year, Hove was quoted saying when the selection meeting was done in 2016 two names, Chidavarume and Magiya Kwenda’s emerged. However, Magiya was overlooked as he is younger than Chidavarume.


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