Zinara, NRZ, Meikles,Retrench Hundreds Of Workers

The Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) has fired 9 management staff and more than 300 low level workers who have been issued with letters of termination of contract on three months’ notice.

The retrenched workers of the parastatals have since been replaced, according to impeccable sources.

The current wave of retrenchments has hit the country’s road agency.

According to the termination of employment letters, the notice period commences on the 1st of August 2015.

The human resources manager with the state-owned enterprise Mrs Maphosa declined to comment and just laughed and disconnected the line after being asked to substantiate the development.

What is baffling, however, is that the road agency has allegedly already recruited new members of staff to replace those retrenched.

At Shamva tollgate fired workers were replaced by alleged relatives of senior managers.

The parastatal, which is mandated to administer the road fund and to spearhead the development of the national road network, has recently been accused of maladministration and failure to deliver on its mandate.

Government is currently in the process of restructuring the entity with a view to ensure that it delivers on its mandate.

The National Railways of Zimbabwe is also in the process of laying off its workers with reports suggesting that at least 1 500 are set to be axed.

A businessman who runs Zvobgo Holdings, a group of hotels, lodges and night clubs in Masvingo and Gweru, has also retrenched 216 workers.

Companies are currently taking advantage of the Supreme Court ruling to terminate workers contracts on notice.

Meanwhile More firms continue capitalising on a recent Supreme Court ruling that allows employers to terminate contracts of employment upon issuing three months’ notice with the latest being Air Zimbabwe and Meikles.

Impeccable sources revealed that the national airliner has served an undisclosed number of members of staff with notices of termination of employment with reports that management is currently locked in a meeting.

Meikles on the other hand is also said to have started the process of laying off employees.
Over 6 000 people have lost their jobs since the Supreme Court ruling on July 17 and trade unions are appealing for a presidential decree to stop the unilateral sacking of employees.
Government has appealed to companies to exercise maximum restraint, while it moves to amend the Labour Act to stem inconsistencies in the labour market.