Zivhu Calls For The Strengthening Of RDCs

By Itai Muzondo

Zimbabwe National Chairperson of Rural District Councils (RDCs), Killer Zivhu on Tuesday castigated the National Employment Council (NEC) for the sector for the non – development of RDCs nationwide. He was addressing Great Zimbabwe University students while on a media tour at Chivi Growth point in Masvingo province.

Zivhu who is the chairperson the Chivi Rural District Council pointed out that directives given by the sector’s NEC have largely crippled developmental issues because they do not tally with collected revenue on the ground. He further pointed that RDCs nationwide lack resources that foster development and they are ultimately forced to hire construction equipment when it comes to building infrastructure which is a burden to their shallow pockets.

“Our major setback comes when NEC for example, passes directives that pay a bartender US$800 and further pegs the minimum salary for council Chief Executive Officer is US$8000. They just do so from a pragmatic and not realistic point of view. The figures generally do not tally with the revenue we collect in the context that we would be looking at facilitating developmental projects from the same coffers as we are currently revenue driven.

“Resources are also another major challenge because we are forced to hire equipment most of the times we need to do developmental work which further bleeds our shallow pockets,” said Zivhu.

Once convicted of fraud and reported of spending lump sum amounts of cash which are not traceable, Zivhu, chairman of Zimbabwe Cross Border Traders Association went on to defend the Chivi RDC for its failure to construct a sewer system for the fastest growing growth point in the country saying they are facing complications which will however heal.

“If you impregnate a small girl, chances are high that she will deliver by a caesarean session. This can be likened to fast growing growth points like Chivi, she is a small girl who is to undergo an operation, and therefore we expect complications thereafter which will however heal,” said Zivhu.

The defence came after, Chivi Ward 30 councillor, Goddard Dunira noted there was dire need to construct a sewer system before health hazards are exposed by the failing septic tanks. He also expressed that it would be cheaper for council to construct the much needed sewer system that going for eco – sun toilets.

“We are in dire need to have a sewer system at Chivi growth point as health hazards are exposed by the failing septic tank system. It will be also wise and cheaper for council to construct the sewer systems as the only alternative that is eco – sun toilets will be expensive to maintain in a fast growing area like this,” said Dunira.

Meanwhile, Chirumhanzu town has also gone for more than 30 years without a sewer system and residents have noted that bursting septic tanks have become a common site.

“We have gone since independence without a sewer system and many council heads have come and we see them go without attending to the problem. It is now that we pin our hopes to our new parliamentarian, Cecilia Mnangagwa to address the issue as it has haunted us to the extent that bursting septic tanks have become common site,” revealed Chirumhanzu – Zibagwe residents to the press after a police address to parade the convicted vampire killer.