Zivhu Launches The Chivi Zim-Asset Bulletin

By Itai Muzondo

The National Rural District Councils chairperson Killer Zivhu has launched the  Chivi Zim –Assett  Bulletin.Zivhu who has been long time leader of  cross border traders indicated that he pledged to protect and support the first lady Grace Mugabe before he started projects to support Zim – Asset that he would defend her family with his own life.

Affectionately known as ‘Chairman’ Zivhu claimed that people who are not supportive of the first family initiative are the ones who are corrupt and causing factions which ultimately cripples the nation in achieving the goals of the Zim – Asset blueprint.

“I pledged to the first family that I will defend them with my own life and blood and I stand with my words. This shows support of the first family initiatives as the Zim – Asset in a bid to see a developed nation though they are being crippled by those who are corrupt and causing in fights in the ruling party.

“I am not like those who steal from the nation using the first family name  and to this point, I urge you all to shun corruption,” said Zivhu.

Zivhu warned his councillors that they should not make any 2018 campaign pronouncements from the upcoming 2018 elections which had labelled Zivhu’s charity works as campaign strategies to overthrow the inactive Chivi South parliamentarian Maffios Tongofa.

“I also want to warn all councillors in Chivi to do away with 2018 political campaign talk and if you do such actions, I will deal with you. All the hearsay about political predictions and possible candidates being disclosed we hear about should stop today immediately and if you feel that you cannot stop, make time spin for 2018 to come quickly since I will block any attempt on premature campaigns,” said Zivhu.

Also present at the launch was Deputy Minister of Minister of Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment, Matias Tongofa who hailed Zivhu’s brainchild of coming up with a humanitarian newsletter aimed at giving Chivi a face lift. He added that the general populace must be patient with initiative as the Zim – Asset as they are processes which will soon reap results.

“Zivhu is a unique figure pivotal in the nation’s development. It is therefore important that people wait and see the results of the Zim – Asset blueprint as results at most are never immediate. Even when people congratulate that a baby has been born, there is a process gone through behind and a process to the upkeep of that baby,” said Tongofa.

Meanwhile, Chivi Zim – Asset Bulletin  Killer Zivhu’’s brainchild seeks to publicise the problems faced by Chivi district. With the support of Chivi parliamentarians, Ephraim Gwanongodza, Mathias Tongofa and Maffios Tongofa, the district worked with Great Zimbabwe University media students and published their first newsletter inserted in The Herald on the 10th of June which would be published twice per year.