ZMC Defends Zim’s Media ‘Hangman’

Mahoso of late has been attacked by his long-established opponents of continuing to undermine media freedom in Zimbabwe.

In an interview with Radio VOP after addressing journalists at the Bulawayo Press Club last Friday, Majonga said since they started working with Mahoso last year,  he has been doing his job well.

“Since we started working with Mahoso in the commission, we haven’t seen any reasons why we can say he is failing to do his job. He is performing his job very well and we hope he will continue like that,” Majonga told Radio VOP.

Mahoso who has been nicknamed “Zimbabwe Media Hangman” has a deplorable track record of implementing all kinds of restrictions against the media in this country in the past years.

He was appointed ZMC chief executive officer last year. Under his chairmanship of the now defunct Media and Information Commission (MIC) more than five newspapers including the popular Daily News were banned and several foreign and local journalists were arrested and some were deported from Zimbabwe.

Majonga who was being accompanied by two ZMC commissioners Mathew Takaona and Luton Hikwa also said the commission will launch the Media Council of Zimbabwe before year end.

“According to Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (AIPPA) the commission is required to set up a Media Council which will oversee the professional and ethical conduct of the media and media practitioners.

“We wrote letters to all associations and groups as identified by the Act to submit three nominations from which the commission will appoint one of them to sit on the Media Council,” he said.

Majonga said the Media Council is expected in consultation with commission to develop a Code of Conduct and Ethics governing the rules of the conduct to be observed by journalists and mass media services.

The ZMC added that foreign newspapers sold in Zimbabwe without being registered by the commission will be banned as they are taking business from local newspapers.