ZSD in Chitungwiza star rally

By Stephen Chadenga

Gweru based newly launched political party, Zimbabwe Socio-Economic Democrats (ZSD) will hold its first rally outside the Midlands capital this weekend.

ZSD president, Nkosikhona Ndlovu told Radio VOP that his party will hold its second rally in Chitungwiza on Saturday.

“It’s all roads lead to Chitungwiza, Old Saint Theresa Church grounds,”Ndlovu said.

“This is our second star rally after the one we held at Mtapa Hall in Gweru. We are inviting people to come and listen to the alternative third force come Saturday.”

He said ZSD was born out of the realisation of a leadership crisis in the country which needed to be changed.

“Zimbabwe deserves better leadership that shall champion job opportunities, a better living wage, health and education for all,”Ndlovu said.

“We have three major crises in the country, the crisis in the health sector which is worsened by the presence of Covid-19, the economic crisis that has witnessed massive unemployment and loss of production in industry as well as institutional decay caused by corruption.”

He added: “Corruption is a cancer that has affected our nation and as ZSD we are going to fight that disease.”

Ndlovu who lost as an independent candidate in the 2018 Gweru Urban constituency parliamentary election said it was high time Zimbabweans fight for their space in the governance of the country.

The Gweru born and South African based businessman said his party would be headquartered in the Midlands capital where it is going to fight for opportunities for the working class.

“There should be affordable healthcare and education as well as job opportunities for everyone,”he said.