ZUJ Elections To Be Monitored

The election is scheduled for Bulawayo on February 27.

ZUJ National Coordinator Chaka Bosha told Radio VOP: “We have invited ZESN to conduct the election for transparency’s sake. The election will also be observed by Crisis Coalition of Zimbabwe and National Association of Non-Governmental Organisations, among other NGOs.This has been caused by a wide out-cry from members who said the last election was flawed.”

The re-run will cost the cash-strapped ZUJ USd  8 000.

“We are going to do this because we want to improve the image of the union which has been tarnished by some members who claim that the December election was fraudulently done. These allegations have cost us our reputation. It has affected donor confidence in the running of the union, with most of them (donors) saying they will engage us after we have put our  house in order,” said Bosha.

ZUJ last December held an election in Bulawayo resulting in Sunday News assignments editor Dumisani Sibanda being elected the Union President. Some journalists who were vying for union positions claim that  they were not given chance to campaign.

ZUJ Secretary General Foster Dongozi said:  “We have been democratic enough to agree …a re-run. The union has no funding at the moment  with donors  holding on to their funds till a legitimate executive is elected, and we  can not  afford postponing the election. Union business should not be compromised by few people who are forwarding their individual interests.”

“The election is  going to take  place as scheduled and those  who are saying  is has  been postponed  are candidates  who have  chickened
out of the race, after realizing that  they do not  have the needed support  from journalists whom they aspire to represent,” said Dongozi in an interview.