Zulu King Calls For Poverty Eradication,Peace In Africa

Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini says Africa will only be free when people stop using weapons to kill each other and instead fight poverty.

He was addressing people who had gathered for an Africa Day prayer in the Durban City Hall. The King says Africa will not be free until poverty is erased.

“We are still struggling because today we are facing a lot of poverty, so freedom has not yet been reached in Africa. The day that we succeed in alleviating poverty is the day where our freedom will be a real one. As long as there are some people going to bed without food, that is not the type of freedom that we are looking for, we need to alleviate poverty in the continent,” he says.

At other Africa Day celebrations, King Zombi Fabric Kavabioka of the Kwilu Kingdom in the Democratic Republic of Congo has appealed to South Africans  to embrace the spirit of one Africa when treating fellow Africans.

He was speaking after meeting Venda King Toni Mphephu Ramabulana at Dzanani village in  Limpopo. King Fabris Kavabioka visited King Mphephu as part of African Day celebrations and to promote Ubuntu and unity.

He says, “God gave us Africa, and we must protect our Africa. That is why we say no to xenophobia, we have come very far as African people. South Africa is a welcoming and  peaceful country in Africa, so we will never get separated from our brothers, we are African.”