Zuma Breaks Impasse In Zim,s Fragile Govt

Zuma had been asked to travel to Harare to ease tensions within the fragile unity government.What spaked the latest cisis was Pesident Mugabe,s decision to appoint 10 povincial govenors without consulting his coalition partners in particular the Prime Minister.
Tsvangirai had taken Mugabe to court for making unilateral decisions in coalition government.After a six-hour meeting with Mugabe and Tsvangirai, who have not been on speaking terms for close to a month, Zuma announced that he had managed to break the impasse between the two.
“We have met and we have had successful consultations on a number of issues,” Zuma told journalists. “They were small issues. There had been a breakdown of communication with the leaders of the government which have been resolved, and meetings will resume.”
Zuma joked and smiled with journalists, but that was not the case with Mugabe and Tsvangirai, who remained tense throughout the short press briefing. They refused to talk to journalists as they separately left the meetings.
“No comment. No comment. Talk to the mediator, President Zuma,” Tsvangirai told journalists about how his meeting with Zuma and Mugabe went. Mugabe just waved to reporters before he jumped into his car.Zuma,who was appointed by regional leaders to monitor Zimbabwe’s fragile coalition government and mediate said he would brief his counterparts in the 15-member Southern African Development Community (SADC) about the tension in Zimbabwe.Mugabe was ordered in August to reverse all unilateral decisions he had made bu failed to do so forcing Zuma to travel to Harare o speak to the two leaders.The impasse between the two had forced the Prime Minister to boycot cabinet meetings.