Zuma Urges SA MPs To Cool Down Tempers

President Jacob Zuma has made it clear that a proposed ban on foreign land ownership will only apply to agricultural land. Zuma  said this on Thursday in his response to the debate on his eventful State of the Nation Address (SONA).

The President said foreigners who planned to buy homes in South Africa would still be able to do so, as would foreign companies planning to purchase property.

He said he had received concerned messages from South Africans  who were concerned about the announcement he made that foreign nationals would not be allowed to own land in the country. He clarified that it only applied to agricultural land.

Employment rate

Addressing EFF leader Julius Malema’s complain about the high temporary employment rate the President said labour legislation in the pipeline would ensure temporary contracts would no longer exceed three months.

“In terms of basic conditions of Employment Act and the Labour Relations Act as amended, all workers will be employed permanently, temporary work contracts will not exceed three months,” said Zuma.  


He addressed corruption concerns from  COPE leader Mosiuoa Lekota, saying:  “We are taking action to improve the performance of the supply chain management in government to prevent fruitless and wasteful spending and corruption to which you referred to. We established the chief procurement office in 2013 which will become operational in April this year,” says Zuma.

Zuma pleaded for cool heads to prevail in Parliament so that the institution can do its job in serving the people. He stressed the importance of dignity and respect, no matter how far apart they are on the political spectrum.

He also pointed to IFP leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi as an example of how to discuss political differences because he always does so with dignity and respect.