Zupco Auction Snubbed

One accident free bus that had minor mechanical problems fetched only US$1 800 from the highest bidder, although this money was not paid for at close of sale. Other buses fetched as little as US$ 400 while shells sold for US$ 50 per bus.

”A scrap metal operator TK metals bid for all 20 bus shells for as little as $50 but managed to pay for only 8. There was nothing of value.” said a businesman who attended the auction but did not want to be identified.

”We were suprised that the highest bid was $1 800. However the person who had arrived in a Zimbabwe Republic Police truck did not pay the money immediately,” said another eye witness who did not want to be named.

Authorities of National Auctioneers which organised the auction refused to comment.

Zupco, a bus operating company, is one of the loss making parastatals supported by the Government since independence. It laid off its workers last year due to financial challenges. Zanu (PF) used to ‘hire’ buses from the company for political use.