Zvenyika Turns Boxing Promoter

Zvenyika, who runs a boxing academy with a makeshift gymnasium in the dusty township of Mbare, has created the Mosquito Boxing Promotion, which is aimed at organising and staging tournaments throughout the country. So far, Zvenyika, popularly known as the Mosquito in boxing circles, has managed to successfully stage one tournament.

He said his sponsors had guaranteed him of another tournament at the end of September, which will involve national title fights.

The former Africa Zone Six champion, said he had been motivated by the current deteriorating state of boxing. Boxers were going for a year or so without a fight and Zvenyika said this was not good for a sport that was once the envy of many in Africa when Zimbabwe had two African champions Proud Kilimanjaro Chinembiri and Stix McLoud as well as three time Commonwealth champion Langton Schoolboy Tinago.

Zvenyika said boxers needed regular fights in order to keep them in shape for international engagements. He said it was disheartening that most promoters had abandoned the sport. Only two promoters Stalin Mau Mau and Boris Zneider were still involved with the sport.

“I want to fill the gap that has been created by those promoters who have left the sport,” said Zvenyika.

Zvenyika, however, is a controversial figure. He once ran over a policeman while driving without a licence. The offence got him a light community service sentence. In 2 000 he attempted suicide following a domestic dispute and was later jailed for eight months for stealing a neighbour’s radio.

Zvenyika also cheated a group of Australians their money and other gifts after lying to them that his son had died back in Harare. He devised a plan with his wife that saw the wife sending a telegram infrorming Zvenyika that his son had died. Upon receiving the telegram, Zvenyika spreaded the news to the Salisbury community in Australia for whom he had won admirers with his boxing skills.

Zvenyika said all that was in past and he wanted to take boxing back to the top.