Zvishavane woman remanded in custody for pulling girls privates with pegs

By Tariro Machokoto

ZVISHAVANE – A woman from Zvishavane who has allegedly  been using pegs to pull Grade 7 girls’ genitals arguing that protruding labia gave men sexual pleasure has been remanded in custody.
Choice Muzeti (26) allegedly preyed on little girls at Gresham Primary School in Zvishavane where she is a security guard employed by a private company called Global Security. She allegedly would enter the girls’ toilets and would ask to pull their labia using a pair of pegs.
Magistrate Shepherd Munjanja heard that Muzeti of Muzeti Village under Chief Masunda used pegs to pull girls’ labia.
Genital mutilation is a practice that is common in African communities but has been condemned by international health organizations for causing complications and infections.
Magistrate Munjanja remanded Muzeti in custody for continuation of trial. She is being charged for contravening Section 70 (i)(b) of the Criminal Law (codification and reform act) chapter 9:23 which is defined as ‘Performing an indecent act to a young person’.
Muzeti is however, arguing that all women must have long labium for them to be able to satisfy their men. She says that it is her experience that husbands leave their wives to look for prostitutes because the wives have no long labium.
She said unsatisfied men help the spread of HIV and Aids because they go around looking for women to satisfy them. She said she wanted to catch the girls young.
“I have observed that if women don’t have big clitoris they won’t satisfy their men and they look for prostitutes,” said Muzeti.
The State represented by Taurai Muzvimwe said that on March 12, 2019 Muzeti was on duty patrolling around the school premises and  she came across a  Grade 7 pupil  aged 13 and instructed her to follow her to the toilets.
In the toilet the accused instructed the complainant to remove her underwear, insisting that she wanted to examine if she had a labium. Not satisfied with what she saw, the accused allegedly took two pegs from her side pocket and started pulling complainant’s clitoris.
On that same day, Choice Muzeti ordered two other pupils to accompany her to the toilet where she instructed them to remove their underwear and checked if they had a labium. She allegedly then pulled their labium using pegs.
While she was still busy pulling down their labium another Grade 7 pupil walked into the toilet and was also ordered to join them.
The matter come to light on March 28 when one of the pupils revealed her ordeal to her parents and a police report was made leading to the arrest of Muzeti.


The Mirror (Masvingo)