Zvoma Threatens Biti

A letter by Zvoma’s lawyers, Dube, Manikai and Hwacha dated 29 March 2011, Which Radio VOP is in possession of shows that the parliament chief wants Biti to retract the claims.

The lawyers said that they had a copy of the Newsday edition dated 23 March 2011 in which Biti is said to have stated that: “Zvoma has become a willing appendage of Zanu (PF), which is not ready for this election…”.

The lawyers claimed to have an audio recording of the interview in “you (Biti) threatened unspecified action on our client (Zvoma)”.

“With respect the statement is per se defamatory. We are instructed to demand that you retract the statement and offer an unqualified apology by our client whom has to be placed on the same page of the newspaper concerned,” the lawyers demanded.

“We trust that you will do the honourable and offer the apology within seven (7) days of the date of this letter, failing which our instructions are to commence civil proceedings,” Zvoma’s lawyers added.

Biti could not be reached for comment on the matter as he was said to have been attending a council of ministers meeting.